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Why strategic drift is so critical but still overlooked: A start up disaster recipe

Headed for India & landed in Bahamas We all know the story of Christopher Columbus set out in a sea adventure to find India and ended up in Bahamas. Such incidents are  common in exploration and research. Even if Columbus was well prepared and known for his trade his calculations where met with dead ends. From his mistakes other explorers learned the lessons, altered their strategy and eventually discovered sea route to India. From this story we can learn several thigs. 1. Strategic drift The strategy was to discover a sea route to India, but the strategy failed due to obvious reasons and landed in Bahamas. This shows that their external environment doesn't support their initial strategy. This indicates a strategic drift .  2. Adapting to changed circumstances Instead of pursuing further to find India they started to explore the ' New world' and cashed it in. Which lead to the massiv

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