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What Gets Measured, Gets Done.

Measure what you do Performance measurement In the above image you can see the dancers performing synchronously. Imagine they are doing that with out practice and a plan of action. Imagine they dancing with out measured movements, can they achieve this level of perfection and artistic composition? No.  They have their own measures which tell them are they there (desired goal) yet. Performance measurement is measuring what ever you do. For example you use gadgets to track your health and body movements. It tells you how many steps you have run and how much calories are burnt. This will give you an indication of how much you have achieved on your personnel goal and how much more you have to go. In another perspective are you still in the right direction or are you straying away. If you are straying away, it means your not doing thigs the proper way or not doing enough. If all is well you can simply raise the bar and achieve more in given time. Stary aways from target is called strategic